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Kids are happy to run to nuances daycare and do not want to leave it

Детский сад


Licensed daycare for children 2.5-6 years old with and without food program to choose from

Interactive classes

Interesting tasks and activity during the day, easy to remember for a child. Each child development plan

Speech development

Express diagnostics of the child’s speech, improving pronunciation. Particular attention to the speech

Our teachers

Марина Грейцер

Marina Graetzer

The school director, an experienced speech therapist, a professional teacher of the Russian language as a foreign language. Loves children, husband and her job.

Майя Цинцадзе

Maia Tsintsadze

Teacher of our dance school, the head of the creativeworkshop. Most likes to create magic with children.

Christina Zelenskaya

Kristina Zelenskaia

Nuances daycare teacher. Loves children, can find an approach to any even the most shy student.

Наталья Сибирская

Natalia Sibirsky

Lecturer in the Russian language. A high-level specialist gives the children a large number of interesting and useful information.

Reviews from parents

Dear Ms Marina, 
I feel grateful and appreciative of all the efforts you put into my child’s educational process during the past two years. It was a fruitful collaborative work as a team with you and both of our wonderful teachers. 
You were the only  person who embraced the challenge we were facing and who stood by my side in this very important and sensitive period of time, to accommodate me and my child.
Thank you so much.
I appreciate the knowledge you were willing to share with me, guidance and the very effective piece of advice I was provided with when needed.
It is always hard to say good-bye, but I dare to hope we’ll be in touch.
I hope with the tools we received we’ll be able to grow and thrive, to make successful transition to school in the near future.
Thank you again. 

Sincerely, Ester.
Ester Sulimanov
two years at the daycare
I am sure that not every Moscow kindergarten can boast of such a development program: in addition to teaching reading and mathematics, this is also acquaintance with classical music, painting, literature, with elements of geography, astronomy and even traffic rules, observation of nature, harmonious physical development. Children learn how to make friends, find together general decisions. Our child does not want to leave the daycare and is upset if he is picked up to early. Thank you, Marina!
Tamara Ershov
2,5 years at the daycare
I am very pleased with the work, done by Marina and her team!
Great teacher! Our con is actually developing and studying.
Thank you so much for being!
Natan Sulimanjv
two years at the daycare
We love Nuances! We were very sad to graduate, kids made so many friends, and learned so much. I give them 10 stars out of five. My personal experience was nothing but very pleasant and thankful for all that my kids have learned.
Shahnoza Moor
three years at the daycare

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