The graduation concert in the club of friends “Nuances” was held in a very warm, friendly atmosphere.

Children from the daycare and the Saturday school took part in it: they sang, danced, read poetry and, of course, received graduation diplomas and gifts.

Not everything went as planned: we had to cancel the hall reservation, many people became ill including little ones and because of the long weekend last week it was not possible to make a dress rehearsal.

But despite all these minor troubles, the performances of our kids was a 100% success.

The kids from the kindergarten sang how “it’s good in our garden, I can’t find a better garden”, proudly demonstrated their signature dance with balalaikas.

Participants of the Nuances Theater Studio, led by a teacher, staged the fairy tale “Under the Umbrella”, and the Dance School presented the incredibly beautiful “Crystal Waltz”.

We sincerely thank the young participants of the concert, their families and teachers for being with us and shining with their talents.

We wish the students a good vacation and see you in the new school year!  And the kids from the kindergarten are already enjoying the summer wellness season: playing with water and sand, drawing with crayons, soap bubbles – beauty.

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