A newborn baby has just returned from the hospital, and young parents are already worried not only about the health, nutrition and regimen of the child, but also about his development.

Moms constantly compare their child with others:

Does he fall behind his peers?

How can I help to make my child develop according to his age?

Teach the baby on your own or give him/her to a development group?

Or is it better to postpone studies until later, not to deprive him of his childhood?

It is difficult for a any mother to understand how to act correctly, what to choose?

Today we will review the most popular early learning methods.

Montessori Method

The Montessori method is aimed at independent learning, adults only create a favorable environment.  Great importance is attached to the development of fine motor skills, as well as the sensory organs – hearing, sight, smell, touch, etc.

In this technique, the “developing environment” created by the parents themselves is very important – it is enough to allow the child to fully participate in family life: cook, clean, repair, take care of plants and animals.  It is better to give real objects for manipulations.  All toys and aids are arranged so that the child can take them and put them away.

If we were to formulate a brief motto of the methodology, then it would sound like this: “Help me do it myself!”

Glenn Doman Method

This technique is based on an intensive load starting at three months (when the child already distinguishes objects) to three years.  It is believed that it is at this time that the intellect is actively developing.

Besides, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.  The better the child is physically developed, the more opportunities for his intellectual growth.

The educational process begins with showing cards for a short period of time (literally a few seconds per card).  It is necessary that real objects are presented on the cards: vegetables, fruits, animals, furniture, transport, geometric shapes, etc.

Fans of this technique claim that this way you can easily grow a genius.

Method Cecile Lupan

Lupan invites parents to literally not let the child out of their hands: to start learning from birth.

Her method of teaching reading is interesting.  Lupan argues that it is necessary to teach reading as soon as a child develops speech.  To do this, you need to write familiar words on the cards and place them near the corresponding objects: “chair” – by the chair, “apple” – by the apple, etc.

In the methodology, much attention is paid to the emotions of the child, his natural desire to learn new things and the desire of parents to be with the baby as much as possible.  And this is its main disadvantage – it will not work for constantly busy and working parents.

Methods of early development of Pavel Tyulenev

The main thing in this technique is to work on the disclosure of intellectual potential from a very early age.  According to Tyulenev, if a child is not ready for elementary school by the age of three, then he is considered “neglected”.

In the first months of life, the child needs to be shown geometric shapes and lines drawn by the parent’s hand, then show cards with images of things, animals and phenomena.  From the age of one, you can begin to study the alphabet using the magnetic alphabet, and from the age of 2, you can introduce the child to the periodic table.  Sounds fantastic, right?

The choice of a method of early development or its absence depends only on the parents.  Parents are a child’s first and best teacher. The main thing is not to harm your baby.  And what do you think?

We will talk about whether early education can harm a child and how exactly, in the next article.

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