Recently, we talked about children getting bored at recreational activities instead of having fun.  I promised to tell you how to find the right holiday for your child.

It’s easy – bring him to the club of friends “Nuances”, the sale of tickets for the New Year’s performance is already open.

Why to us?

The holiday presentation is conducted by professional actors that easily keep children engaged. They have a lot of fun and your child will not be bored.

The number of children’s places is limited, so the child will not get tired.

The gift is assembled by hand especially for the guests of our club, that is, it is definitely without cheap “chemical” sweets or excessively sugary candies.

During the holiday activities there are children’s New Year’s books and educational games that can be purchased.

The holiday will take place on December 18, and you have a choice of different times:

10.00 am – mostly kids under 3 years old.

11.30 am – children 3-5 years old.

13.00 – children 6-9 years old.

Ticket prices:

$35 (one adult and one child with a gift).

Additional child $20.

Additional adult $15.

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New Year performance 2023

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