Daycare for 2.5-6 years old kids in Fairfax, Virginia

Visit our daycare, and you will find:

What a talented child you have!

You will hear this phrase very often, because in the daycare “Nuances” your child will learn:

We care about all nuances of child development

We reveal the talents of each child

The maximum number of children in the class is 7, each has an individual training plan

We have classes on a

special program

Interactive classes in a playful way every day (reading, mathematics, creativity, music)

We teach kids to express their thoughts and feelings

Director of the daycare speech therapist, so we pay special attention to pronunciation

Outside play twice a day

Large enclosed outside playground with the entry/exit directly from the class room

Fresh homemade meals

you can choose our 4 times per day food program or bring your own lunch box

Child's safety

state license with constant inspections, video ring bell, alarm, insurance coverage for $ 1,000,000

Daycare where your child is happy

comfortable and friendly atmosphere, active satisfied children

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