Марина Грейцер

Director of the Club of Friends “Nuances”

Russian speech development specialist

Teacher of Russian as a foreign language

Marina Graetzer

All my life I have been studying myself, while teaching children. And no activity is more interesting than this one! My students are living all over the world, some of them are bringing their children to my school or ask for advice.

Here, in America, I have a wonderful opportunity to teach children in my own school. Thank you very much for the help of all families who supported me, and, of course,

Welcome to the Club of Friends “Nuances”!

Майя Цинцадзе

Head of the Creative Workshop “Nuances”

Dance School teacher

Maya Tsintsadze

Dancing has always been my favorite hobby, and over time it has become a profession. For as long as I can remember, I have always danced – first at the Pioneer Palace in Tbilisi. At the age of twelve, I graduated from a choreographic studio and began my dancing career in a folk song and dance ensemble. In order to improve my professional level, I graduated from the State University of Choreography of Georgia.

Behind my shoulders are tours around the world, organizing musical performances, creating dance groups.

In addition to dancing, I love to draw and work with children. When we enter the classroom, and all the components come together: children and creativity, then MAGIC is born. And it does not matter whether we paint with gouache or watercolor, whether we do decoupage or just create beauty from unusual materials.

Dancing is also a part of creativity, when you express your inner world through movements. This is a conversation directly with my soul and I

With my pleasure will teach everyone to create and move beautifully!

Christina Zelenskaya

Christina Zelenskaya

Lecturer in the method of Zaitsev

Daycare teacher

My favorite thing is to teach children to speak Russian easily, correctly and beautifully.

I pay big attention to ensuring that our classes are interesting and exciting, I share my love for the word with children, instill interest in studying the world around us and the cultural heritage of different countries.

Let’s help our children be confident and independent!

Наталья Сибирская

Natalia Sibirskaya

Teacher of Russian language

I am a professional teacher and have worked in schools all my life. Here, in America, I want to continue my favorite work – to instill a love for knowledge and the mother tongue of my parents.

Welcome to our school!