Сказка про гномика

Beyond the mountains, beyond the forests in a magical land, there lived a little dwarf.  He is small not only in height, but also is very young.  His name is Ronnie – a smart and playful, cheerful and cute dwarf.  Ronnie goes to school with other gnome kids, plays in the meadow in front of the house in the evenings, draws and reads fairy tales.

And Ronnie is not an ordinary gnome, like all his friends: he can speak two languages at once: both gnomes and elves.  Because Ronnie’s mom is an elf and dad is a gnome.  Ronnie often thought about his dissimilarity to other gnome kids, and even worried about it.

Mom calmed Ronnie and insisted she was proud of him speaking two languages, but this did not really help the gnome – he really wanted to be like everyone else.

One time, his whole class, together with the teacher Gnome Gnomych, went on a hike in the forest.  Overnight!  They were heading for the Singing Falls, which was five miles from the village, closer to the borders of the country of the wood elves.

Even at school, Gnome Gnomych told students about the waterfall and showed his photographs.  The little gnomes were looking forward to meeting the “big water”.

On the way, the teacher told the gnomes about security measures.  The forest is no joke, here you can meet a wild beast and an evil troll.  We reached the waterfall in the evening, set up camp, swam, cooked dinner.

After the gnomes had washed the dishes, the teacher said to his dwarfs:

– Now, guys, you can relax, play, draw, do your own business, but you can’t go into the forest.  It can be dangerous there!

The gnomes dispersed across the clearing near the waterfall.  Ronnie and his friend Rem sat under a tree, but soon got bored.

– Oh, it’s a pity, we can’t leave the clearing… – Rem said.

– Yes, otherwise we could go to the forest, take a walk… – continued Ronnie.

The dwarfs looked at each other, and a plan had already matured in their heads.

– What… – Rem began.

– We’ll take a little look at what’s out there in the forest, and then we’ll go right back,  agreed Ronnie.

After a couple of minutes, the friends were cheerfully walking along the forest path and turning their heads in all directions.

So, the gnomes decided to take a walk alone in the forest without asking!  To do so, of course, is not necessary, but a fairy tale is a fairy tale.  Let’s find out what happened next…

The gnomes came across a lot of interesting things on the way – after all, for the first time they were alone in an unfamiliar place.  True, Ronnie and Rem did not go far.  It was getting dark, and the guys were restless: after all, they were obedient gnomes, and almost always obeyed adults.  This is exactly what they were talking about on the way: that being always obedient is boring.  Sometimes you want to play pranks and do it your own way!

– Let’s go back, Dwarf Gnomych will be worried, – said Ronnie.

– Yes, and it was not enough for us to meet some troll in a dark forest, – Rem added.

The friends turned back and saw the troll they had just been talking about.  And not just one, but three!  The trolls have already caught their gnome friends along with the teacher and tied them all together with a rope.

Ronnie and Rem hid behind the bushes and began to listen to what the trolls were talking about.

– That’s great, we caught these nasty gnomes! –  one troll rejoiced.

– Now let’s put them in our cave, – said another.

– No, the third disagreed.  – Let’s make them work.

– No, we will!

– No, let’s make them work! – the trolls began to argue.

Everyone knows that trolls are not very smart people: they can argue for hours.  This gave friends the opportunity to think over a plan of salvation, a plan of escape.

Here it is better to interrupt in order to keep the intrigue.

– We can’t do it on our own.  The trolls are as big as mountains!  Rem whispered.  – We need to call for help.  But the village is far away.  Do not have time.

But the elves are close!  An idea came to Ronnie’s head.

– I will run to them and bring them to help.  I speak elvish.

And so they did: Rem remained to guard the trolls in the clearing, and Ronnie rushed as fast as he could towards the country of the forest elves.

Oh, and it’s scary at night in the forest alone: rustles and sounds are heard from all sides, the hooting of an owl and a wolf’s howl.  But our brave gnome understood that the life of his friends and teacher depended on him.  So he did not stop and ran on.  The border of the country of the elves was already visible ahead, it was marked by a line of flowering dandelions.

Ronnie shouted loudly:

– Help! Help!

Immediately, elves-sentinels flocked to him, who guarded the border from uninvited guests.

– What happened, baby? – they asked worriedly.

– There are trolls, they grabbed my friends, – said Ronnie in a trembling voice. How glad he was that he had finally arrived.

Half an hour later, a detachment of wood elves set off towards the waterfall.  You do not think that the elves are weak and small creatures: if they all come together, then the trolls will not be able to defend.

Just in time, the elves arrived at the clearing – the trolls were going to take the captives to their leader to decide what to do with them.  A short fight ensued: the elves threw pine cones at the trolls and stamped their feet loudly.  The trolls got scared and quickly ran away.  They were not up to being prisoners!

And then peace came to the clearing.  They all lit a fire together and made tea.  The gnomes took bagels with raspberry jam out of their backpacks and began to treat their saviors to the elves.

Everyone really wanted to express their gratitude to the elves, but no one could speak Elvish!  Except…

Dwarf Gnomych called Ronnie to him:

– Thank you so much, Ronnie, you saved us!  I’m not even going to scold you and Rem for disobedience – he winked, – because otherwise it would have ended badly ….  And we are very lucky that you can speak Elvish! How good it is to know several languages! Come on, tell the elves how great they are and how grateful we are to them!

– Master, I was very worried that I was not like everyone else,- the dwarf Ronnie admitted.

– Worried?! – Gnome Gnomych was surprised. – You should be proud and rejoice – it’s wonderful to be special.

– Now I’ll be proud, – Ronnie smiled.

And the other guys visiting with each other asked Ronnie to teach them the elvish language so that everyone could personally thank the elves for saving them.

That’s the end of the fairy tale, and whoever listened – well done!

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