At a performance in a children’s theater, your child suddenly burst into tears.  He/she exhibited unacceptable behavior on excursions to the museum, offended other children at a birthday party…

What can be the cause of this? His/her parents expected better.

The fact is that a child under five years old quickly gets tired of an excess of sensory stimulation and begins to fuss around. They are simply not well equipped  for this kind of concentration. Of course, if you add sweet juice or soda, candy or a large piece of cake to this, then a tantrum is almost guaranteed.

How to deal with this?  It’s not possible to stay at home all the time.

Of course not.  But it will be useful to prepare for the event:

Find out in advance the expected number of participants.

Discuss the program with the organizers and/or collect feedback.

Tell the child who or what the event is about.

Explain where he will be taken (game room, friends house, theater, etc.).

Pick up a gift (if it’s a birthday) or a sketchbook (if it’s a tour).

Before leaving the house, feed the child, take water with you.

How to find an event that will please the baby, but will not tire him and cause tantrums?

We will talk about this in the next article here.

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